Day 9:  It’s Saturday.


We looked at our list for today.  We wanted the kids to have some relaxing time, and we needed it ourselves.  The only urgent errand, return the rental car to the airport.  So, we drove both cars.  I think this was the first time Jonathan has driven on the island.  We turned in the Ford Fusion which was a good car, but cars have a hard time on some of these steep roads.


We then were invited by Denise (our real estate agent/ tour guide/ friend) to a beach that is hard to get to, but really worth it.  When you reach the bottom, there are these graves from the 1800’s that have actually shifted over the years because of their location.

The graves.

The graves


We viewed the ruins of an old sugar mill that was from that time period as well.  This kind of history just fascinates me.  I will have to research it more.

"Good Mornin', Is there anyone home?"


"Well, Honey, it may be a little bit of a fixer upper, but we can get it at a good price."


Then we just relaxed on the beach and watched the fishermen, the birds, and the kids.

Secluded Beach

Just another day on the beach.


It was a beautiful day at a very secluded beach hanging out with family and our new friends.

The kids going out pretty far.

"Hurry! This is getting really heavy!"

The kids are always hard to get out of any water source like a pool or the ocean.  We are trying to get them to understand that we are here now, and that going to the beach won’t be a foreign experience, but it will be a very common theme.











Seventy thirty came, so, it was time for our reservation at Mim’s.  We drove down in our new truck listening to country.  We were seated with a seaside view and could hear the waves all through dinner.  We had fresh seafood and loved everything we ordered.  It was nice to just take a break from our hectic week.



Someone is sleepy.


Can't you smell the sea?

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