Day 11:  MLK Holiday


The kids had school off, and I start work later this week, so, I decided to take the kids to the beach today and leave Jonathan at home to work.  (Sorry honey)


We decided to go to Magen’s Bay.  This is one of the more well known beaches on St. Thomas.  You do have to pay a small park entrance fee to get in and park, but in trade you have very well kept facilities and plenty of parking.

Magen's Bay


Magen’s is known for how long the beach is which is  nearly one mile long, soft white sand, and good bathroom, bathing facilities.  It has been rated by National Geographic as one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Also, while researching Megan’s Bay I read that according to legend that Sir Francis Drake used Magen’s Bay as an anchorage while waiting for ships to plunder.

Yeah!! We are here!


We can see a small strip of the beach from our balcony of our house, but the best view of Magen’s is from Drake’s Seat, a nice pullout on a main road used as a tourist attraction.

The view from Drake's Seat.


Arriving in late morning, we settled on one of the sides of the beach.  After spraying the kids with sun block, they ran into the water playing and splashing.  They both are also trying to swim as much as they can.  We want them to become stronger swimmers so we can, as a family, pick up some of the local water sports as hobbies.  They did well today and also seemed to master the back float.  There was a huge yacht parked in the harbor of Magen’s all day.  Joaquin kept asking if we could get one.  I told him that was a little out of our reach.

Those goofs.

Blue Skies


We had lunch on the beach from the local restaurant that has quite a good selection.  After four hours, I told the kids that we had to go home.  We want to slowly get sun!  It was a beautiful day, and the gentle sea air cooled us as we cruised home with our windows down just like true beach bums.

Notice how you have to drive on the left.

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