Day 13:  Milestones


Today marked several big items off of our list.  We have the car registered.  Thank God that is done.  It only took two trips.  Not bad.  We took Isabella for her first day of school.  She has been going to Red River school since Kindergarten.  So, we knew this would be a huge adjustment.

I'm surprised she let me take a picture.


We walked in her class with the counselor.  We met the students and the teacher.  Everyone was so friendly to her and so eager to help her find her way around that she ended up having a great day.  She had quite a bit of homework to do, but she is very studious anyways.  It is a new facility (relatively new for the area) since the previous school building was destroyed during a hurricane.  Her school has over 500 kids ranging in grades K-6th.  Isabella has a main teacher that will teach the main subjects.  Then she has “special” subjects like computers, Spanish, art, music, and PE.  The counselor said that they are learning how to play the steel drums in music class right now.  What a great experience for Isabella!

Our road to our house. We live in the jungle.


When I left the house and picked up the kids, we had several errands to do:  One more stop at Kmart, a stop at our local Sam’s club (it is like a Sam’s, but called Cost you less), and the gas station.  We heard devastating news today on the radio.  The huge oil refinery for the Virgin Islands which is located in St. Croix is closing in a couple of months.  That will be a terrible blow to St. Croix and may affect the surrounding islands in various ways.  This particular refinery has been in operation since the 1960’s.  It will mean the loss of over 1500 jobs in St. Croix hence the reason for the gas station stop.  I wanted our tank to be full.


Just a little bit of island history for my readers!

Stuck in traffic, but at least, this is my view.


After all of that, we headed home.  There were six cruise ships in port today, so, I got stuck in traffic, but so is life.

Not bad!!

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