Island Time:


I wanted to keep a daily log of our adventures, but I also want to post about some interesting happenings while we are here.

Survivor Man

First, we  noticed a few fruit trees in our front yard.  Jonathan took our kitchen knife and hacked down a branch, and we sampled a couple of them.  They were yummy, but not all of them were ripe.  So, we left a few of the bananas out to ripen which was neat for the kids to see where you actually get your food.

We don't need a grocery store.

We also had a new visitor while having the door open.  We were talking to our next door neighbor when a bug flew into the house.  At first, we thought it was a leaf, but it was a grasshopper that looked like a leaf.  The kids ran out from their rooms to seem the local wild life.

Joaquin, "Can we keep it?"

In a post, that will depend on when I have the house put together, we will do a photo log of our house.



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