Day 17:  A tale of two beaches

"Are you guys ready for FUN?"


In the attempt to stick with our plan of trying a new beach, we chose Lindquist Beach.  This one was recommended to us by two different locals.  It is funny how each beach has different character and facilities.  Lindquist is very tranquil and is where the Corona beach commercial was supposedly filmed.  It has plenty of sand for everyone.  The facilities are a bit lacking, but it is definitely off of the beaten path.  You have to pay $2 for each adult to get in, but we thought it was worth it.

Lindquist Bay

Does anyone have a cold one?

Isabella waiting patiently

It is hard to keep them out of the water.


When we first arrived, the wind was blowing, the surf was rough, and quite a few people.  Then after an hour or two, it started raining.  We hung out in the car for about fifteen minutes.  Then the rain stopped.  We resumed our fun.  Now the surf was calm, there was a gentle breeze, and only one other family.  I will eventually have a new category for friends and family to scope out which beaches they will want to see when they visit.

New Kickboards

She is growing up fast!

Photo shoot


3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Beaches”

  • Pam Church says:

    Kick, kick, kick!!!

  • You are right – they are growing up so fast! Would Isabella like a pen pal? I bet she and Anna would get along so well… please let us know next time you come through the D.C. area!!


    • Jenny says:

      Well, hello! I think Isabella would love a pen pal. The mailing address is PO Box 302115 St. Thomas, VI 00803. We actually might be going through the DC area more because there are direct flights between DC and St. Thomas now!

      Also, if you and your family ever want to get away, let us know!

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