I know this is a cliché, but it really fits for this week.  I have been so tired from all of the stress related to the move and going without certain things like a couch and washer/dryer. I think we are finally settling in with our new location.  I feel like we know our way around the island, which is not a small feat.  We have our car, oh I mean truck.  We have the kids in school.  Now it is back to routines and schedules and life.


The hard part to a move like this:  CHANGE!!  I often thought of myself as a person who resists change, but now I know.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like going in somewhere I don’t know and dealing with things day in and day out that I am not familiar with, but I got through it and realized that change doesn’t have to be bad.  It just has to be endured and quickly forgotten.  Haha


So, now you know why the title.


Friday was our day off which we did as much as we could before going to pick up the kids after school and going to the beach.  We went to Hull Bay, which is one that we have gone to several times already because it is the closet one to our house.  We keep telling the kids how lucky they are to be picked up after school and taken to the beach!

The entrance to the Great House

The sign


We had dinner reservations at a new restaurant called The Blue Orchid.  This restaurant is located at The Great House, which is just three minutes from our house.  It has plenty of parking (always a plus on the island and worth mentioning), beautiful views, friendly service, and wonderful food.  The Great House is an attraction that sits on 11 acres and has scenic overlooks and botanical gardens.  There is a small admission fee to the gardens and scenic views, but we were just going to dinner, so no fee for us.

Brief history of the Great House

The botanical gardens

We didn’t have time to explore the gardens before dinner, but we anticipate that we will be coming back here very soon!


Fountain at Great House


Entry way to Blue Orchid

Our waiter was from New Jersey and had only been here six weeks.  That made us feel like we knew him since we could relate to each other on what an adventure this is.  Isabella had bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with apples and pecans stuffing, Joaquin had a seafood pasta with butter sauce, Jonathan had the mango chicken, and I had the snapper.  It was delicious!  Then to top it off, we enjoyed a chocolate cake (that was out of this world) and a key lime pie.

What to order?

Isabella took this. Not bad.


One of the advantages of us being here is plenty of good quality family time.  Both Jonathan and I have really enjoyed sharing this experience with our wonderful children.

My blessings!

Evening time



5 Responses to “T.G.I.F.”

  • Jill says:

    Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful learning experience. I think you are very brave to make a move like this! I’m really enjoying hearing about everything and seeing all the great pictures. The kiddos are getting soooo big!

    • Jenny says:

      Hello Jill,
      I know. Aren’t the kids getting so big? They grow up so fast. I really hope to keep this blog going and eventually have sub section about beach reviews and restaurant reviews, so, when friends are coming to visit, they can plan their trip in advance!!

  • Jonathan looks good as a beach bum! Y’all all look tan and great and I’m so jealous blah, blah, blah! :) It looks like this is going to be such a great life for you all, I knew it would be. I know moving anywhere new is hard, but this time…hard is worth it! I’m so happy for you and hope we’ll get to visit sometime soon. :)

    I’m also excited that you’re getting to paint there! Remember…I like bright colors (blue, red, yellow, orange). Ha! :)

    • Jenny says:

      Oh I know. You might need another Jenny original. It might be about time!!! It has definitely had its’ moments, but we are still glad to have this experience for us and the kids.

  • Jessica says:

    Hey Jenny! I just love Blogs they are so very interesting. It looks beautiful there and everyone is wearing a smile so yay! This will be an amazing chapter in your lives and I’m sure you will settle in soon. It sounds to me like you have already got quite a bit accomplished! Enjoy : )

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