Saturday marked the day that we had the car looked at and the brakes changed.  The brakes will almost be changed as often as the oil!  You should see some of these roads.  Well, even the road we live on has quite a bit of a pitch to it.


Joaquin's friend that he found in the bushes.


So, while we waited for the car to be worked on, we walked around Havensight, which has tons of shops.  Not so fun for Jonathan!  I found the art store, so, I can start painting down here.  We also discovered a very upscale grocery store.  Joaquin would dart around pointing out everything and screaming, “Oh, I want that!”  We had to have the talk about “just because you are in a store doesn’t mean you get to buy something.”

Everyone liked the rocks better, except me!

That is Charlotte Amalie in the distance.

Senor Frogs


Trying to kill time, we decided to have lunch.  We ate at Senor Frogs.  Definitely a restaurant with a little flare.  I guess they have a pool that you can use while you eat there.  Weird, but interesting.

The pool at the restaurant

I paused before I realized what it meant.

You can certainly see the theme of partying and having a good time.  Perfect location for the tourists as they disembark the cruise ships in hoards.  Some of these ships can carry 5,000 people.  One day a week ago, I counted six cruise ships in port in St. Thomas.  That is when the traffic is bad.

I'm a little nervous about Isabella.


Then we took the kids to a new beach.  This one is Bluebeard’s.  It is the one in front of the Ritz Carlton.  The Ritz actually has two beaches.  One is Bluebeard’s, and the other is Turtle Cove.

Walkway to the Ritz

On the way to stakeout our spot on the beach, we discovered something in the grass, an iguana.  These reptiles can be seen pretty much everywhere you go like the beach, restaurants, and the docks.

Iguanas are everywhere on the island.

The restaurant at the Ritz

Bluebeard’s was the beach where we spent all of our time.  It was wide open, had great facilities (most we couldn’t use since we weren’t members), and a great view of St John in the distance.

Across the way is St. John.












Turtle Cove is home to all of their water equipment like their sailboat, the Lady Lynsey, which if you are a Ritz Carlton member, you can take out the sailboat for your own adventures.  We have seen that you can pay to rent the other equipment like kayaks and paddle boards, but do not have first hand knowledge of this yet.

Turtle Cove


On Sunday, we wrapped up the weekend with Secret Harbour.  This is becoming our favorite beach.  We grabbed a bucket of KFC and had a picnic lunch.  It rained quite a bit this morning, but who cares when you are already in the ocean!  Plus, the weather can change very quickly here because after one this afternoon, the skies cleared and the sun emerged and dried up all of our worries.

"Give me two pina coladas, one for each hand!"

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  • Tori says:

    Looking good. Miss you guys! Thanks for the blog.

    • Jenny says:

      Hey, miss you guys too!!! I am going to try to keep this blog going!! It helps when people comment, so, I know everyone is still reading.

  • Jessica says:

    Wow! Everything is so beautiful! There seems to be quite a bit to see & do. Senior Frogs reminds me of Cancun! I am loving the double drinks in hand picture at the end lol JK!

    • Jenny says:

      Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog. I really to hope to keep this going for as long as we are here! Yes, the two drinks was fun. Someone down here said, “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” haha

  • Liz says:

    I’m still reading! Love your blog and the pictures! We don’t know when and even IF we can come, but we keep thinking and talking about it! Love you guys!

    • Jenny says:

      That’s great. I like it when people comment, so, I know to keep it up. Well, just let us know if you can come. I know you two would have a great time.

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