So, what do you do when the day didn’t start off the way you wanted it?  You were behind from the start?


You go to the ice cream shop down the street, which is conveniently located near Isabella’s school.

The ice cream shop


It is called “Udder Delight”.  We have to pick the kids up around 2:30, so, it was perfect timing to skip lunch and get a milkshake.

It is hot in here!


Now this wasn’t just any milkshake.  This was “A Bunch of Coconuts”.  That is what it was called.  It had coconut ice cream and milk and coconut RUM!

Cherry Vanilla


So, the woman was making it, and I saw her dispense the rum.  I looked at Jonathan and said, “Ha, mine has rum in it.”  He said, “What?  How do you know?”  Then I said that I saw her put it in the shake.  We starting reading the shake menu a little closer and realized Isabella’s shake had a little liqueur.  We turned to see and …. Yep, she was drinking hers.  Haha



That sure did turn it around for me!

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