Wednesday was pre-planned to be a day of exercise and adventure.  After dropping off the kids for school (poor them), Jonathan and I set out to explore.  We did the normal routine of going to the post office and grabbing a quick bite at McDonald’s.  Then we headed west.


The west end of the island is less populated and quieter than the south, north, and east side.  I said to Jonathan, “You do know where we are going, right?”

Botany Bay


“No, but if we just keep going west, we will reach our destination.”


“Oh, okay!!?”

The path to Mermaid's Chair


He was right.  The black road led us to Botany Bay.  This 367 acre, secluded and gated area was a preserve at one point, but now has lots that sell in the million dollar range.  We saw one of the villas from the beach called Siren’s song which rents for $10,000 a week and is for sale for just under four million.  Not bad considering the views and privacy.  Haha.

A building site with a cruise ship on the horizon.



We parked before the gate and had to hike in the one mile to the Mermaid’s Chair.  Although we weren’t really “hikin’ it” because it was on paved roads until the very end.  Jonathan and I made three wrong turns in our hike, which made for a memory and extra calorie loss.

What goes down, must come up!


As you descend, you are surrounded by lush foliage, chirping birds, and salty breezes.  When we reached the area just before the end, there was a nice overlook before the concrete stairs that led you to the bottom.

Tree along path


Pink and Orange Blossoms



Mermaid's Chair in distance

It does have a sign so you know where you are! haha



We were there.  The Mermaid’s Chair.  This is a sandbar that runs from the island to another small island called Little St. Thomas.  I know, really creative.  This is where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet.  On the south, the Caribbean sea and on the north, the Atlantic.







We dropped our backpack and immediately started soaking in the scenery.  The surf came barreling in beating against the black rocks that gutted out in every direction.  We wandered over to one area that had beach chairs and a kayak that are left there by current homeowners.  It also had a small pool created by nature.

Exploring Time

Small pool area

Hold on!

That should be a good spot.


We climbed and leapt from rock to rock to reach a nice viewing spot.  From there, we sat to gaze on God’s beauty.  How different the world is here.  Just miles and miles of blue turquoise water.


That is the real color.


Then we had to “crab walk” down the slick rock face to continue our exploration.  We walked almost every inch of the beach, which connects the two islands.  During that we discovered a sand crab, cactus, and a plethora of rocks and shells.  Joaquin would love that!!!

Pretty steep

Careful Honey!!!

Don't Jump!

While we were there, we were trying to get good angles on the photos, but we had to be careful because of the cliffs.  I told Jonathan, as he was nearing the edge, “If you fall off and break your legs, just remember how long it  took to hike in, and I have a bad back right now!!!”  He just chuckled.

Oh, oh, oh...... Picture by Jonathan of cliff

Picture taken from Little St. Thomas, looking back

Can you find the sand crab?

This beach is a bit rocky, so, would not be a good choice if you were wanting the soft sand experience.  The waters are a little rough as well, but the beach is off the beaten path.  There were six cruise ships in port that day, and we were the only ones at the Mermaid’s Chair the whole time we were there.

Great shell and rock collecting

Strange where these can grow.



Since this was just a scouting trip, we decided to make our return.  That was the hard part.  The hike is only one mile, but is one mile uphill the whole way back.  Because of that, you MUST pack water.  We had read other people’s articles on this hike, so, we knew how important that would be.

Siren's Song, the 6000 sq. ft. villa, looms in the background.

So, mark the Mermaid’s Chair as a must if you love exploring, adventure, views, quiet, hiking, outdoors, and sweat!  We made it out alive and went to eat lunch and enjoy the rest the day had to offer.  We would love to go back and pack a picnic lunch and take the kids.

FUN, FUN, FUN.....


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  • Jana Morrelli says:

    So cool! I’m glad you guys are getting to explore off the beaten path. You’re going to know that island like the back of your hand soon!

  • Sara Nora says:

    Yeah P90X:2 would have gotten you ready for that hike! looks like you had to do a lot climbing but that is when it is always worth it!

  • Karen Martin says:

    Can’t wait to explore this part of the island with you…. I would love to finish it off with “udder delight”. Share pictures of Nanna’s visit!!!

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