Saturday morning is always the best because the kids do not have school, so, we sleep in, and we usually go to the beach.  This Saturday was even better.  My mom was coming on the 4:40PM flight from Atlanta.

The snow in Denver


Her journey originally started on Thursday morning in our hometown of, Red River, NM.  She had to leave at six in the morning to drive to Denver because there was a huge snowstorm settling in the area.

Nana had to dig out her car.


Her flight was on Saturday morning at six.  We were nervous, including her, if the flight would even take off that day.  On Friday, the Denver International Airport reported 600 flights canceled, but my mom’s flight did depart slightly off schedule. She barely made the connection in Atlanta because of the plane being deiced in Denver.

The Best Western


While she was experiencing snow and ice, we got up and packed up some sandwiches and headed to Lindbergh Bay which is the beach located at the airport.  Named Lindbergh Bay, because Charles Lindbergh landed at a nearby field in 1928 while flying from Paris on the Spirit of St. Louis.

Plenty of Space

See what I mean?


The beach doesn’t seem to be very popular among the locals because we haven’t heard anyone mention it, but it is awfully convenient when you are waiting for someone to land at the airport.  There are several hotel/resorts located there including the Best Western.  It is a bit noisy when the planes are leaving and arriving.



Then it was time.  We parked and went to pick up my mom, lovingly called Nana by our kids.  We all hugged and kissed and wept with each other when we saw her. We drove on the waterfront, so she could see the harbor.  Then we decided to eat at………  Fat Turtle.  I know we will have a wonderful time while she is here.

YEAH! She is here!

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