The entrance

Obviously built for the tourists.

With all the wonderful choices in St. Thomas, we had to decide what to do with our Sunday.  First, we drove up to the famous Mountain Top, which is a huge tourist attraction.

Oh, no, Joaquin, don't look behind you!!



Beautiful picture



Mountain Top is obviously a great photo opportunity for the entire family with picturesque views.  In the distance you can see a couple of the British Virgin Islands as well.






The Crew

Mountain Top is also home to the biggest souvenir shop and one of the best views in town.  You can order one of their famous banana daiquiris, supposedly invented there, while you gaze at the splendor of the island and sea.

A Buyer's Paradise

Secret Harbour


Then we cruised over to Secret Harbour.  After lathering up with sun block, we leapt into the turquoise blue waters.  Nana saw how much the kids have improved on their swimming.  I told her all the details of the stories of our move.  And Jonathan poured the drinks.

Wash up, Joaquin, your hands and your feet.



We ate lunch at the Sunset Grille along the beach.  We enjoyed jalapeno poppers, burgers, pizza, painkillers, and raspberry smoothies.  Then we rolled ourselves back down to the water.  The kids played, we relaxed, and the sun just kept on shining.

I like this photo!

As we were leaving, we noticed the restaurant setting up for their display of the Super Bowl.  We would have stayed, but we had other plans.  We had been invited by our neighbors to their Super Bowl party, which was so……..neighborly!

The Caribbean way to watch the Super Bowl

Now, I know why they call it "The Sunset Grille"


Their home is just a few feet away from ours.  They told us that they had plenty of food, which they did!  Cheese and crackers, chips and dip, chicken wings, BBQ sliders, crab dip, and potato salad were covering their coffee table.  While waiting for the game to start, we visited with their friends, and our kids played with the daughter of one of the couples.  It was a nice way to end the day.

Me and My Mom

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