The coffee shop

Nana was scheduled to be here all week.  Tuesday, she and I got the kids up and took them to school.  Then it was time to eat and shop!!!  We went to Barefoot Buddha, a coffee shop across the street from Havensite.



There we had two of the best lattes that we have ever had.  We just visited like we were back in Red River.  We didn’t have any reason to rush, so, we just enjoyed each other’s company and listened to the tranquil music playing in the background.

The views while you are shopping.


Then we walked across the street to start our shopping.  We looked in several stores.  We had fun in one of them since I had some cash to burn from the sale of one of my paintings in Red River.  My mom didn’t really have much to buy, so, we spent quite a bit of time strolling along the waterfront.

More views


Glancing at my watch, we realized it was time to drop off our treasures and grab the bathing suits and pick up the kids.  We had decided that we wanted to take the kids to Magen’s Bay right after school.

Swimsuits on and Ready to Go


The cool surf and the soft sand was like going to a spa for our tired feet.  Jonathan was working, but he would have the next day off with us.  The kids splashed, my mom worked on her tan, and I just sat there soaking it all in.

More sunblockAww....Magen's


This was going to be a really fun week!!!

One of my new outfits

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