Entrance to Bolongo Bay


Tuesday was a day of shopping.  Wednesday was a day of eating.  We had early dinner reservations making the beach a hard choice for this particular day.  So, my mom, Jonathan, and I decided to have a leisurely morning followed up by driving and going out to lunch.  Since this was my mom’s first trip to the Caribbean, she was up for anything.  Jonathan and I picked Iggies Beach Bar and Grill.  We had been here at least once every time we came on vacation.


More Beach



Located at Bolongo Bay, Iggies Beach Bar and Grill offers a laid back atmosphere with a killer view.  The menu includes burgers, fish sandwiches, nachos, salads, and so much more.  They also have a dinner menu for after five.  We love going there because the food is reasonable and delicious.  And you knew I would talk about it, Iggies has great parking!!!






As soon as you enter Iggies Beach Bar and Grill, you notice the casual feel to the restaurant.  It almost reminds me of a beach version of Cheers.  You actually think that the waitress might refer to you by name.




View from Iggies


Again, you are just steps away from another great beach and more crystal clear water.  After lunch, we went to gather up the kids and get ready for Round Two.  We really wanted to show my mom what wonderful restaurants are located on this rock.  Well, at least, that was the excuse we were using.




Havana Blue


Havana Blue.  Before you just go in to eat, I would recommend making reservations.  I actually made them the day before off of their website.  They start seating at 5:30, which was the time we wanted to go because we wanted to watch the cruise ships as they leave St Thomas on their way to the next port.  Knowing that Wednesday tends to be a high volume of cruise ships, we booked our table, which paid off with us seeing three leave that evening.




Dressed Up



This is one of the restaurants where we will try to dress up before we go.  From a sign by the hostess stand, flip flops are not allowed, but we figured they let that slide because it was just on the kids.  We also went early, so, we could walk around the grounds before our reservation.




I love this one!



The lush, well-maintained grounds are an ideal spot for photos.  Havana Blue is situated on the top level of one of the buildings adjacent to the Marriot Frenchman’s Reef.  By this time, the kids were struggling to smile in all of the pictures.




Reminds me of our prom photo!



You don’t have to be as dressed up as we were, but Havana Blue is a bit on the pricey side, so, it is definitely “an special occasion” to go.




The grounds of the Morning Star Beach Club



The Grounds

We strolled around the grounds looking at the diverse vegetation.  That is one of the best reasons to come to St. Thomas.  You could spend a lifetime exploring all the different species of plants and trees.

Joaquin even pointed out a strange rock.  He said, “Look!  It is a rock that plays music.”  We all chuckled.  Then we decided to take a peek at their beach.  Another great asset of the islands, no beach is off limits.  They are all public beaches.  If you are not a guest of the resort, you cannot use the chairs, the towels, nor the swimming pool.



I see the water!



As we approached the beach, we saw the first of the cruise ships sailing south.  We just stood in amazement as that huge ship slowly floated out of sight.  We observed several other ships pass by, which were just dwarfed in comparison.



A cruise ship leaving port.





They are so huge



Then we could smell the rich aroma of food, which meant, it was time for dinner!!  We made our way back towards Havana Blue.



Havana Blue upstairs



Havana Blue is very modern and the decor minimal to encourage conversation.  As the evening progresses, their blue lights give a watery glow over the entire restaurant.



The restaurant



They have a large cocktail and drink menu.  Sharing with our kids, my mom ordered a passionfruit smoothie while I had a BlueBerrytini with Graham cracker crusted rim.  It tasted just like a blueberry pie.  Then we ordered one appetizer so the kids could survive.



The Food



With help from our wonderful server, I chose the Mahi Mahi featured in the picture above, which is art itself.  (Although, I thought I would serve our frozen tilapia with Potato Buds at home in a similar style in the future.)  Everyone made excellent choices including the kids.  I would like to point out that Havana Blue does have a wonderful Kids’ Menu as well.



The Dessert



So, you know the saying, “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.”  Well, that saying is completely true.  All of our cares slipped away as we savored diablo choco fondate with coffee ice cream, tempura Latin rice pudding, Strawberry tres leches shortcake, and the biggest most outrageous banana spilt.




More Dessert



We did eat dinner first, I promise!



Banana Split



The banana split was so decadent, it is worth mentioning twice.  The bananas were bruleed just like in a creme brulee making that the talk of the evening.  Then they topped it off with coconut ice cream and homemade whip cream.




The View



So, with our bellies about to burst, we leaned back and enjoyed another breathtaking Caribbean sunset with the sound of the gentle surf in the background.  This was a great way to spend a Wednesday night.




It doesn't get much better.

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  • Karen says:

    I am gaining weight just looking at the pictures. It must be incredible to be on vacation 24/7… work just isn’t the same when you can look out over the ocean or mosey down to the local hut for delicous fare. I wonder if one ever gets tired of this life????

    • Jenny says:

      I will let you know if we do get tired!! haha. We have been warned by other locals to not get sucked in to our typical routines and try to remember why we came here.

  • Jana Morrelli says:

    I LOVE your blog! : ) It makes me happy every time I read it.

  • Melissa says:


    This is really great Jenny!

    Clayton wants to know who you work for so he can join you. :-)

    Keep enjoying!

    • Jenny says:


      Tell Clayton that I work for a great company that is cutting edge with wonderful people and a fantastic boss!

      Haha. Although, I do mean it!

      “Keep enjoying” = Will do.

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