This is how we spent the last morning altogether before the next day when Nana had to leave.  We made fresh coffee and sat in our new patio chairs and gazed at God’s glory, which includes the scenery and my family because He made them all.



Hey cuties




Three of my favorite people


We wanted to have a nice relaxing day, and since we all had gotten our fair share of sun at Trunk Bay, we were not in a rush to get to the beach.  We tried to go to Secret Harbour, but we couldn’t find a parking spot.  So, we tried a new beach.



Look at the Ducks


Sapphire Beach is located on the east end making it a long ways, but just like other beaches on the east end, the trip is worth it.  Upon lugging our stuff and staking out a spot, we stumbled on ducks!!  I know what you are thinking, “Well, they are just ducks.”  But I have never seen ducks at the beach.  I thought they were fake at first, but who puts fake ducks at the beach.  They provided pretty cheap entertainment for the afternoon.



Sapphire Beach


Sapphire Beach has wonderful parking.  What?  That has to be listed in the amenities here.  There is a guard, but they just tell you where to park and give you a free parking pass.  Sapphire also has a marina where you can meet your captain for the day on a snorkel adventure, fishing expedition, or dinner cruise.  Jonathan and I have done all three during our trips to the island.  It is a fairly large beach with sport rental equipment, snack bar, and a good view of St. John in the background.


Sapphire Beach



Good Looking Bunch


We choose to hunker down underneath the shade of a huge tree on the beach to avoid sunlight for a couple of hours.  Of course, our kids shoveled in their food and raced off to the water.




This picture shows you the labor and pain that goes into a beach day.  All of your crap that you take, sunblock, more sunblock, coverups, food, drinks, equipment, towels…….etc.  But once that is all done, the breeze whisks away the hardship.


Pretty busy



Love this one


We also wanted to try to take a few more pictures while Nana was here, so, she could remember it when she was in a blizzard back home just in case she starts to forget.



The sun is setting.


This was the perfect way to end her trip.  Oh, NANA, we miss you!!!!



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