Entrance to the Mafolie Hotel


We have eaten every meal at home this week, so, we decided to go out to dinner for Saturday night.  We had gone to Bolongo Bay where Iggies Grill and Beach Bar is during the day.  Jonathan and I just relaxed and read on our Kindles.  The kids played with their sand toys.  We watched people on paddle boats, sailboats, and jet skis just increasing our desire for our own water toys!!


Path leading down to the restaurant.


I called the Mafolie Hotel and Restaurant to make reservations.  We came home after a hard day’s work.  Well, who am I kidding?  No one.  We came home after the beach and showered.  That is one of the best feelings, to get all the sand and grit off of your body.  I have even discovered sand in my ears a couple of times!




We descended the narrow, stone stairway and followed the signs to the restaurant.  With the ocean breeze sweeping past, we entered the lobby.  A favorite quality to the St. Thomas restaurants is the open air feel since most do not have walls nor windows.  The Mafolie Restaurant did have drapes that they can swing down to protect patrons from the frequent rains.  I mean, we do live in the tropics.





View (B)


We were escorted to our table which had a breathtaking view.  This view is to the south of the island including the harbor and downtown area.  You can see Water Island in the distance in View (B).  We haven’t ventured over there yet, but do plan to do that in March.




The kids


Jonathan and I commented on how much we have enjoyed taking our kids to these restaurants.  Sometimes, in our hectic lives, we forget to just stop and talk with the kids about their day or friends.  This has been a great bonding experience for our family.


Open Air


We had 5:30 reservations and seemed to be some of the first people there, besides a few at the bar when we first walked in that may have actually been staying in the hotel.



Pork Tenderloin


BBQ Ribs


The food was amazing.  Isabella loved her pork tenderloin, prompting mommy and daddy to try some!  Joaquin’s BBQ ribs, with subtle clove taste in the sauce,  just fell off the bone.


Mahi Mahi


The Mahi had been recommended by the server, so, both Jonathan and I ordered that.  And Thank Goodness we didn’t have to share with each other.  We both just savored every bite.  The fish topped with a  “lobster and shrimp toss” was gobbled up with the rest of the meal.


The City Lights

It was a great memory.  Good food, Great views, and Exceptional Company.

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