The Beginning


We went to Magen’s Bay to relax and get some sun.  The kids hardly ever stay on the beach.  They start inching their way down to the water even while we are trying to get their cover ups off, set up the blankets, and douse them with sunblock.


Isabella's Hole

Joaquin's Hole


Today they were focused on “a project” that they had been discussing for several days now.


Project Name:  ”Let’s Build a Giant HOLE at the Beach”



They soon found out why playing in the sand is my second favorite activity at the beach, second only to getting a tan.  I love sand castles and looking for shells and digging giant holes.  BUT when you dig a hole, you MUST bury someone in it!  Those are the rules.



Is that a cabbage patch?

Isabella eagerly agreed to put in the hard labor to cover Joaquin with sand.  I told her to not go past his head.


Oh, no, it is just a Joaquin head sprouting from the ground.



Don't forget to water it.


We will come back next week to see if we can pick our Joaquin head from the patch.  They are a little finicky.  You have to know exactly what time to pick them.  I know from experience.


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