I received a call from the school nurse.  News 2 in St. Thomas wanted to do a nutrition commercial and wanted to feature the students.  Isabella was one of 12 selected to be on camera.  She was assigned “portion control”, which had five tips she was suppose to memorize.  Her smile stretched from ear to ear when I picked her up from school that day.

“Did the school call you?”

“Yes, they did,” I said.

“Does Daddy know?”  She was glowing when we got into the car.


Are you ready?


She would have to sacrifice her Saturday, but she was ready.  Joaquin stated, “If it is for a Nintendo 3DDS, you can borrow mine for the commercial.”

“It is a nutrition commercial.”

“What’s nutrition?”  Joaquin asked.

“It is when you eat right and exercise,” explained Isabella.

“Oh, that’s going to be a boring commercial!”  Joaquin replied.



Isabella's school


We dropped Isabella off to start her movie career…..oh I mean read her 30 second script.



Lights, Camera, Action


I was able to watch her do her part, which might have been more nerve racking for me.  She stumbled a couple of time, but eventually made it through with flying colors.



"3, 2, and ....."


This was not your typical Saturday, but we will always remember it.  We hope to be able to put up the clip when it airs in March.

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