Bluebeard's Castle


As the cruise ships float into port, the passengers see white buildings with red tile roofs.  What I didn’t realize is some of these buildings belong to Bluebeard’s Castle.  Bluebeard is supposedly a fictional pirate, but several resorts carry his name making me wonder if there might have really been a fearsome character who plundered the Caribbean Seas.  We went to dinner there a few nights ago because they had three choices, two upper scale restaurants, called Room with a View and The Banana Grille along with a small casual restaurant.



Downtown in the Distance


We went in the evening and got to see Charlotte Amalie twinkling in the distance.  I think you should normally have reservations, but they were able to find us a table.


I didn't see that I caught Joaquin's arm until now.


The Banana Grill is located by the resort pool and has great water views.  You actually walk through the casual restaurant to get to The Grill.




We ordered our food and talked about our week with the kids and school and work.



The salad was pretty too!




Lemon Chicken


Joaquin’s dish was the best of the night, which is shocking that chicken could be prepared in such a way to be everyone’s favorite.



The Ahi Tuna


Jonathan and I were to split the Ahi Tuna.  Usually I don’t like tuna, but I thought that maybe I just needed to try it again.  No, I actually don’t prefer that dish served any style.  So, the kids had to offer up a portion of their meal to their mother.  Then Jonathan shared his dish with each one.





After dinner, we strolled around the grounds of the resort.  Even the lobby had a grand welcoming area for check-in.



The Kids


We stopped in a cozy little nook to snap a few photos to remember the evening.



Isabella is getting good at taking photos!!


Then we stumbled upon the open area to the west of the lobby and restaurants, which obviously serves as a superb location for a large gathering or a wedding.



Looking down on Yacht Haven Grande


We heard steel drums playing softly in the background, the harbor was sparkling with the lights, and the sea breeze moved past us, making us realize why we live here.




Not a bad backdrop for your wedding album.



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