Ferry Ride


Jonathan had said all weekend, that we would do a nice hike and also the beach, which suited both Joaquin (the hiker) and Isabella (the water girl) and me (….the mom).

So, we left the house at a decent time and headed for St. John, which meant we needed to ride on the ferry.  This was the first time for us on this type of boat where you could sit on the front, which is the “best seat in the house” in my opinion.



Trail head

We landed in Cruz Bay and set off for the Visitor Center to secure a map for our hike.  We had read someone’s post on a different blog, so, we sort of knew where we were going.  We wanted to hike up to Caneel Hill, then over to Margaret Hill, and back down to Salomon Bay.

We had read from the other blog that the first part was the hardest!



Are you ready?


Of course, I had to make everyone stop for a couple of photos because this was the time when we were going to be looking our best!



Let's go!


Okay, I thought I was going to die.  The trail was steep and unforgiving.  Joaquin raced ahead of the rest of us, bragging about his abilities since he hikes all the time with his Papa in Red River, NM.  Isabella did pretty well.  Jonathan had a couple of moments, but I definitely brought up the rear.  Eventually, Jonathan had to be behind me to encourage me.

Joaquin, who was a good 30 feet ahead of me, would yell out, “Oh no, it is about to get harder again!”

We told him that if he wanted to be a good leader, he is suppose to keep up morale amongst his troops.



Worth It!


We finally reached “the bench”.  According to the blog, it marked the end of the hard steep part.  We sat.  I collapsed.

Joaquin pointed out that my backpack was stained from all of my sweat, which it was.



The Bench



Just hangin'


We took in the views and enjoyed the cool breeze.  Then it was off to Salomon Bay, right?

Wrong.  We quickly realized we hadn’t made it to the top of Caneel Hill yet.  Needless to say, I was upset, but we finally reached the top of the hill (although I would call it a mountain).



Cruz Bay


There is a wonderful platform to stand and take in the nearly 360 degree views.  The photo above is of Cruz Bay, where the ferry comes into port to drop off people from St. Thomas.



Views from Caneel Hill


Because my legs were shaking, I convinced the group to stay here as long as we could to enjoy the scenery.  We looked to what I think was north and saw one of the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke.  I swore I could almost hear the music coming from the bars and restaurants on Jost, but I think it was just my head pounding.



Jost Van Dyke in the Background




Nice viewing area


Joaquin, “Let’s go already!!”

Me, “No, slow down.  Life will pass you by if you are in such a hurry.”

Joaquin, “Mommy, why are you breathing so hard.”








So, after we rested, took in the sights, and snapped a couple of photos, we were off to Margaret Hill.  Jonathan looked up the blog post again to check the details and realized that she said that the platform was the signal of the end of the steep part.  The rest of the hike was quite enjoyable.

Bursera simaruba


We were trekking right along when we saw this peculiar tree.  I listed the proper name above, but it is also referred to as a tourist tree, since the bark appears red and is peeling like a typical sunburn on a tourist.



AKA Tourist Tree


Eventually, the trail winds its way down to the main road.  Across the street is the security post for The Caneel Bay Resort.  You just need to say “Afternoon, we are heading into Salomon Bay.”  Although, when we said it, the nice security guard replied, “Oh, okay.  It is quite a ways still.”




The Ruins


These ruins are on the property of the resort and definitely worth seeing.  We continued through the ruins, past the gift shop, and up a small road to the left.



More Ruins


The kids were complaining asking why we couldn’t just stop at Caneel Bay and play on that beach.  Jonathan answered, “Because our final destination is Salomon Bay.”



Caneel Bay Resort


We will definitely have to come back to Caneel Bay Resort and have lunch and play on the beach.

And then……we finally made it.  And it was everything we had hoped it would be:  Soft, white sand with barely anyone there.  Salomon and Honeymoon are two beaches you have to hike into because you cannot take a taxi into them, making them a more private pick.



Salomon Bay



Or so we thought!


After we had lunch and consumed five water bottles, we rested on the beach and soaked our tired joints in the cool, blue water.  We had encountered other hikers on the trail.  One of them said they were going to town to reward themselves with smoothies.  We agreed.  What a wonderful way to end the day.

So, we started hiking back out of the bay on Lind Point Trail.  Then we saw a sign and realized that we had spent the afternoon at Honeymoon Bay instead of Salomon Bay.  Oh, well.

We also discovered that the trail spits you out at the Visitor Center behind the bathrooms, where we had originally started our adventure.  Next time, we will just hike Lind Point Trail to Salomon Bay and skip the fun stuff.



Passionfruit Smoothies



Mongoose Junction


We ordered our smoothies and found a nice spot to sit and enjoy them.  Mongoose Junction is also a great place to grab a bite to eat or shop, but we couldn’t go into any place smelling like we did.




Outside of Mongoose Junction


I felt sorry for the people near us on the ferry, but at least we were outside with plenty of fresh air.  So, let this be a lesson.  Even if you don’t end up at your final destination, enjoy the journey and enjoy the loved ones who braved it with you!



Our way home




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  • Jana says:

    I’m so sorry the hike was so grueling! But it made for a hilarious blog post. ; ) I especially like you sage wisdom to Joaquin to slow down and not hurry through life. That’s a keeper!

  • sara nora says:

    Don’t worry…a month of P90X and that hike will be a piece of cake next time! :) Loved the pics and I know exactly what you mean because I have hiked with Joaquin before too…jaja and he would run ahead and say hurry up!!

  • Lorie Hawkes says:

    I loved this post! I’m so glad you are all “enjoying the journey” and were all brave enough to take this wonderful ongoing adventure together. Of course we miss you all,and wish we could join you. Can’t wait to hear what adventure you’ll make for your birthday. Happy Birthday tomorrow! We love you!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you. Hopefully you and George can take some notes on things you want to do when you come to visit. Thank you for your Birthday wishes.

    • Annie says:

      Enjoyed reading of your faimly-friendly experience at Caneel Bay. One of the wonderful assets of Caneel Bay is its seven beautiful private beaches.Our recent stay found us on the adult Scott’s Beach and we enjoyed several days of quiet serenity as we read our books, snorkeled in the beautiful azure waters, watched wild donkeys stroll by, and completely vegged for days.Caneel Bay is a very favorite spot for these roamin’ boomers.

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