The Ferry next to Tickles

Jonathan had suggested that we try this particular attraction.  We would catch a water ferry to Water Island and enjoy “Movie Night” on the beach.


We had scouted the location of the dock for the ferry to Water Island several days in advance.  After picking up the kids from school, we drove to Crown Bay, another location for the cruise ships, and found Tickles.  Tickles is the casual restaurant next to the slip for the water ferry.



The Ferry?


Upon seeing how small the boat was, I will start referring to it as the “water taxi.”



We are on board.


We loaded up with several others who seemed like they were residents of Water Island.  There were three school age kids in uniforms on the boat with us because there are no public nor private schools even on Water Island.



The Harbor


We cruised along and left the harbor with St. Thomas growing smaller in the rear view.  It was a nice relaxing ride that only lasted for about 15 minutes.



Leaving St. Thomas



People boarding the ferry to return to St. Thomas


The water taxi has scheduled pick ups and drop offs in St. Thomas and on Water Island.  That schedule can be found online and is helpful when making your plans.  As we arrived, a group of people had formed to board the taxi back to St. Thomas.



Welcome to Water Island


Intentionally arriving early, we set off on a little walk to get ourselves acquainted with the island, seeing that it was our first time on it.



Their PO/Library


We walked up from the docks to discover what may serve as their post office and makeshift library.  At least, that is what our theory is.  We also observed that many of the passengers hopped into golf carts as the main source of transportation on the island.



View of St. Thomas



Exploring Water Island

Golf Carts in the driveway










At a leisurely pace, we made our way over to Honeymoon beach where the movie would be displayed.  We admired the different charm the island had to offer compared to St. Thomas or St. John.  We weren’t able to explore one of their main attractions, Fort Segarra, which is a military fort constructed by the US  during World War II.  That just means we will have to come back.



Today was the day after our 3.5 mile hike.  So, I admit.  I was a little fatigued.  I was elated to finally gaze down at our destination.



Honeymoon Beach


Honeymoon Beach is a short walk from the docks, but does have a pretty sharp incline at the beginning.





Our plans were to grab some snacks from a local establishment and let the kids play on the beach.  A good way to turn around an ordinary Monday.



The Beach just follow the music




Joe's Beach Bar

Seating area



In the distance we heard Jimmy Buffet playing.

We knew that we were heading in the right direction.  We wandered up to Joe’s Beach Bar which serves several fried essentials like chicken strips and fries.  We grabbed some potato chips for the kids and some cold refreshments.










He is easily entertained.


The kids jumped and raced along the beach.  Jonathan, who had been caught by some “salty sailors,” was told all the history of Joe’s Beach Bar, which boat to start with when purchasing one, and all the perks of island living.



View from Joe's Beach Bar



And they are off.....


As the sky grew darker, we made our way over to the middle of the beach to have our dinner.  Heidi’s Food Cart pulls up with wonderful selections of cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and a large drink selection including beer and cocktails.  The best part is she serves fresh popcorn as well!!!



The sun is going down. Almost time for the movie.



The Setup


The crew, which I believe consists of locals, sets up the seats with plastic chairs and strings up the movie screen, which is a large sheet tied between two coconut palms.



Putting out the chairs


With the addition of the locals bringing their golf carts, they had created “theater seating.”



Dinner as well as the golf carts



Let's get a seat!


We ordered some popcorn and sodas just like we would have at home and selected some seats in the middle.  We had brought our light coats because it can be a little breezy along the water at night making it a bit cool.



The Big Screen


When they started the movie, they played the old commercial of the big hot dog singing “Let’s all go to the movies and get ourselves a treat.”  Then they played a Looney Tunes episode just like how they used to before previews.  Finally, it was showtime.



Oh, and a cruise ship


Right before the movie presentation started, a huge cruise ship sailed past in the distance as it was leaving St. Thomas.  I’m sure I looked like a tourist as I stood up and ran over to the side to snap a quick shot.  I thought it was totally neat!





During the movie you could lift your eyes to the black sky that twinkled with the stars.  The ocean breeze was our air conditioning.  It was the best way to watch a movie.



Tokens for the return trip


After the movie ended, we fished in our bag for our tokens, which were given to us when we paid the round trip cost on the dock in St. Thomas.  It was $10 for an adult and $5 for a kid.  Joaquin was obviously disappointed to find out that he couldn’t keep the golden tokens



About to board the ferry to go home.


The last taxi ride from Water Island is 6:15PM, but they always have one last one on Monday nights after the movie.  They told us to just follow the crowd back to the docks to catch it.  The movie wasn’t that great, but the experience was very memorable.  This is definitely a hidden gem.


Tip:  You can call a cell number, which I am pretty sure it is Heidi’s, to find out the movie selection for that night.


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