The Car Ferry


It was very hard to know that it was my birthday today because it normally snows on my birthday!!  Which would have been very strange, if that had happened down here.

My good friend from grade school and her husband flew into St. Thomas the day before, and we planned an exciting adventure for today.


They like to load them in tight.


What better way to celebrate this occasion than to take the car ferry over to St. John and beach hop!  If you ferry your car, you do not have to pay the taxis in St. John, which can be quite expensive when you have six people.


St. John


We landed and drove our car off of the barge and winded our way up the roads and stopped at the scenic overlook to Trunk Bay.



The turn off spot


You can't get tired of that view.


We had trouble finding a parking spot at Trunk Bay and headed over to Cinnamon Bay.  Cinnamon Bay is quite beautiful, but the sand is a little coarser and little more “cinnamon” colored than Trunk.

Upon reaching the water, we noticed how rough the surf was.  This may not have been the best day to go to St. John.  The waves crashed into the beach with such force that they had caution signs on the beach that swimming may result in injury or even death!



Trunk Bay with Rough Water

Surfing Time










Did that stop us?  No, instead, we looked danger in the eye and said, “Bring it!”  You can’t keep our kids out of the water.  Plus, the kids enjoyed themselves since the beaches are usually quite calm.  One wave did take out Lindsey, who thought she might drown in three feet of water.  I went down once with the power of the wave knocking me into the sand and scraping my hip along as the wave tossed me up on shore.

We did make it to Trunk Bay, but the water had churned up the sand that visibility was low.  So, we didn’t snorkel.  We had a relaxing and entertaining day in St. John despite the unsettled ocean.


Car Ferry with Palm Trees


We caught the car ferry back to St. Thomas.  Because we had used the great facilities at Trunk Bay to clean up, we were able to come back into Red Hook and go to dinner.



My Birthday Party


We decided to do Amigos, which should be obvious by its name that it is Mexican food.  We shoveled in the chips and salsa and guacamole while recalling the days ups and downs.


Surrounded by friends and family



Yeah Mexican food!


Since we weren’t able to eat at my parents Mexican restaurant, Sundance, in my hometown, we thought it would be fitting to at least stick with that theme for dinner.  We all really enjoyed our food.  Then they tried to order me dessert, so, I could have a candle to blow out, but the waitress said that they were completely out of anything sweet.



Happy Birthday!!


So, we asked for the birthday candles and went back to the house to eat a chocolate cake from the grocery store, which was wonderful!!!



No cake?


I opened up my gifts.  It was a great day with family and friends, and it didn’t snow on my birthday!!  A first!



My present from Jonathan




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  • Linda hoag says:

    Looks like all had fun on your Bday Jenny. The sailing trip looked great. Can’t wait to come with Papa and Karen. Should be fun!!! Love to all, Nana

  • karen martin says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I thought about you everyday, just never did make to the computer. Looks like you had a great time and it was wonderful that you had your best bud spend the week with you. Lindsey looks GREAT! Can’t wait to give your neck a hug!!! Of course, I can’t wait to hug Jonathan and the kiddos.

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