So, Pete and Lindsey came all that way to see us.  What better way to see the islands, than from a boat?  Plus, once you go sailing, I think it becomes a part of you.  We were also so excited to take the kids for the first time.  We are hoping to get them in a sailing program in order to learn such a cool sport.



The Fantastic Four


We drove down to the American Yacht Harbor.  We walked along the wooden pier admiring the different boats parked in their slips.  We heard a shout from across the way.  That was our captain.  Rumbaba, the name of the trusty sailboat that would hold our lives in its hands so to speak, was our destination.





After walking up to the vessel, we were relieved of our shoes.  You don’t want to trip on your flip flops at sea.  Captain Chad and his first mate, Lori, introduced themselves.  We were greeted with homemade banana nut bread and fresh fruit.  After casting off (I may have some of my nautical terms wrong, so, bear with me), we cruised out of the marina into the open body of water between St. John and St. Thomas.



Here we go....


Because she has lived here for over 20 years, Lori regaled us with stories and legends of the islands while also pointing out the interesting geography as we sailed into deeper waters.



Capt. Chad


With the wind at our backs and our cocktails full, we set off on our adventure.  Captain Chad even had the kids try their hands at steering the boat.  He would explain why we had a certain sail up and the basic premise of a sailboat.



Lindsey and Pete


Why would any of the adults work if you can get the kids to do all the work for free?


An actual sailing race


As we were just drifting along, we heard a horn blare.  It was the start of a sailing race to the east of us.  Capt. Chad explained that some of the boats were doing circles because there really isn’t a way to have all the boat line up at a starting line.  So, for the minutes right before the start, everyone is jockeying for the best position.  It was just fascinating.  We speculated that this could be a smaller race to prepare for the big Rolex Regatta next week.



Capt. Joaquin?


Joaquin just took to sailing like a duck to water.  He was so serious about his assignment.



Cameras ready


So, serious!


Since we had visited St. John the day before, we chose Christmas Cove to snorkel in, which is off of St. James.  This is supposedly where Christopher Columbus spent one Christmas while we was discovering the Virgin Islands.  How different it would have looked back then?  Just this intimidating, dense jungle with soft, white sand beaches.



Lunch Time


Everyone snorkeled.  Joaquin was having a little difficulty getting the grasp of snorkeling, so, Captain Chad rescued him in his small dingy and took him to shore to explore the island.  They discovered a baby sea urchin, which could easily fit in the palm of your hand.  Isabella just swam off leaving her mother behind.  They grow up so fast!

We swam along the coral reef at Christmas Cove and saw at least a dozen different variety of fish.  I was very impressed by Isabella.  She didn’t even seem frightened when a school of fish kept following us up and down the shore line.  There were several times I would try to clear my tube and would swallowing some salty sea water, and those fish would rub up against my legs or back.



Surf & Turf


Then it was lunch time.  Lindsey had ordered the Filet and I had ordered the Mahi, so, we could sample each dish.  We sat back with the tunes playing, the sun sparkling of off the water, and boat gently rocking.  After everyone was pleasantly plump, we jumped back in the water and continued the snorkel trek.  This time, Joaquin seemed more interested.  So, we thought we would let him try again.  He did great.  His sturdy legs kicked and propelled him through the blue water.  He would occasionally look up with excitement to mumble through his mouth piece, “Mummy, I can see the fish!”  Isabella did fantastic just like in the morning.



Sunset at Secret Harbour


After our very successful day sail, we pulled into the marina.  We unloaded and walked to the truck still with the bobbing sensation like we were still on the boat.  Lindsey suggested, “Since we still have our bathing suits on, let’s go to the beach!”


Secret Harbour, of course, what other beach would we go?



Dinner Time


After our hard relaxing afternoon, we drove into Red Hook, which is five minutes away from Secret Harbour and selected dinner.  Something quick, something cheap, something satisfying: Pizza!



Waiting for Pizza


We went inside and ordered our pizza and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Red Hook from our perfect spot on Senor Pizza’s deck.  A good time was had by all. It was definitely one for the books.



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