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The day had finally came.  My parents and Karen are here to visit us.  We love company.  We love showing off this beautiful island to friends and family.  The day was also Jonathan’s birthday, so, he was told to pick dinner.  We loaded up the two cars and went to the Mafolie Hotel for dinner.  As we ate, we talked about the island, our future days full of exciting excursions, and just soaked in the moment.



My Dad


These pictures explain the essence of this trip.  We would, of course, have lots of beach time, good food, and good times, but we would also be relaxing and enjoying each other.



Karen's cooking


While smelling the savory aroma of Karen’s cooking, we told each other stories and planned out the vacation for my parents and Karen.  The kids, with huge smiles on their faces, listened to what was in store for the next week.



Smells Yummy

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  • Karen says:

    What a fabulous visit! I love you all so much and had such a nice time. I am depressed that it will be a long time before I can get back. I continue to live vicariously through your blog. THANK YOU!

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