My new bag


The bag says it all.  (Thank you Liz for ordering it)  With our bags packed, we sailed over to St. John.  We were excited to show it off to my parents and Karen.  The hard part was to decide which beach, which activities, and later, which restaurant.



Salomon Bay


Salomon Bay…….. I almost feel like my words aren’t enough to describe how tranquil this beach is.  Those colors are not the result of photoshop.  We had finally made it to Salomon Bay.  This is the beach that we thought we went to when we really were at Honeymoon Bay.



Look at that water!


The boys (Jonathan, my dad, and Joaquin) retraced the hike up to Caneel Hill.  I chose to take the girls (Isabella, my mom, and Karen) on a smaller hike to Salomon Bay.  We soaked up the sun and played in the water while waiting on the boys.



Picnic Lunch


With sweat stained shirts, the boys arrived bearing lunch.  That was awfully sweet and fantastic since this beach doesn’t have any facilities.  They had ordered four BBQ plates from Uncle Joe’s BBQ, complete with sides.  We divided up the food and our picnic spot went silent as everyone chowed down on the food.



Hey Kids


It was a true picnic.  With our stomachs full, we relaxed to the rhythmic sounds of the water.  We threw the Frisbee around and eventually had to pack up our stuff in order to head back to Cruz Bay for dinner.



Cool Shades


We ended up at High Tides, which is along the water.  It had live entertainment.  As the sun set and our day grew to a close, we smiled, laughed, and realized that is what life is about!

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