View from the Great House


Since my parents were still in town, I thought they would like to see the botanical gardens at the Great House.  Plus, I had never been, so, it would be great to know whether we should recommend this attraction to future guests.  Also, it is only minutes away from our house.

The Great House would be an excellent setting for a wedding.  It has spectacular views and a large convention room that could serve as a reception hall.



The Parrots


The Great House is appealing for several reasons.  It has gorgeous views, parrots, diverse plant life, The Blue Orchid (excellent restaurant), and admission includes a free rum punch.



The Jungle


As we plunged down into the jungle, the air changed.  You could almost touch the humidity.  Sounds of birds chirping and the winding staircase, made you feel like you had stepped into a modern day tree house.



Pretty Flowers?

You are completely surrounded by  strange, exotic plants, flowers, and trees.  This particular one is especially interesting.  Appearing to seem so different, I would have believed it to be fake.








I glanced back up to the Great House and could barley see it through the thick tropical forest.



Still in the Jungle



So, interesting


The vegetation was wonderful to see.  The sounds and smells were amazing.  As the path snaked back up to the beginning, I took a few pictures of my favorite flowers, not realizing, that I should have captured their descriptive plaques too.



My Dad taking in the Garden


The whole tour is a self guided one, which means you can take as long as you like.  It did seem to be a smaller path than what I had originally anticipated.



Where chocolate comes from



I love these!


Also, some of the plants are prevalent over the island like the picture featured above and below this passage.  I think that if you were on a cruise ship, that you wouldn’t be able to traverse the island to really enjoy what it has to offer.  Since I live here, some of these plants seemed commonplace as I see them everyday while taking the kids to school.





The admission fee is $8, which I believe is a little steep for what you get, but it just depends on what you really enjoy.  I had a fantastic time because I was admiring God’s creative handiwork with my parents.  Unless you live another island, some of these plants or trees will seem very foreign and mysterious.



The Walkway


Summary:  You might want to make a short afternoon with this attraction.  Perhaps, go in the late afternoon and explore nature, then end up at the Blue Orchid for drinks or even stay for a fabulous meal and decadent desserts.










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