The St. John Inn


During my parents trip, I asked them to watch the kids one weekend, so, Jonathan and I could go to St John with our friends.  We rode the passenger ferry over in their jeep.  After we loaded the jeep, all of us wondered if we were staying a week or just the weekend.  You just never know what you are going to need.



Common Area


We arrived at our hotel, The St. John Inn, which was decorated with an clear Caribbean color scheme.  We all remarked on how cheerful the common grounds seemed.  The pool is small, but who cares.  When you come St. John, you want to go to every beach you can.



The Pool


The rooms were not the cookie cutter hotel rooms you get with the big chains, but that really fits the island life on St. John.  Unique.  Special.

We ditched our bags and whatever else we didn’t need and headed for a new area.  The woman, who checked us in, told us to hike to Ram’s Head and go to Salt Water Bay.  I forgot my camera when we left the car, but will definitely have to go back.

As we were hiking, we walked on a path that followed the side of a huge cliff.  Several times we would peer over the ledge with weakened knees to see the ocean surf smack against the sharp, black rocks below.

After the hike, we were obviously hot and had perspired a little, so, the logical choice was snorkeling.  Jonathan and I were on the hunt for sea turtles.  Well, we didn’t see any that day, but saw some amazing fish, a large crab that blended in with the coral, and lots of sea grass.



Maho Bay


Day 2 of St. John.  Jonathan and I were so excited because we were going to go to another beach that we had never seen, Maho Bay.

Our friends said they really like this beach because it is not as popular as Trunk or Cinnamon, making it a little quieter.  Also, it seems to be a longer beach creating more room for tourists or locals to camp out and just watch the sun go down on the water.



Maho Bay


They had also said that you can view several different types of animal and marine life.  Well, they weren’t joking.  As soon as we dropped our beach chairs, towels, and cooler, we spotted two perfect star fish chilling in the shallows near the beach.



Star Fish


Our friend picked one up to show us, and then carefully returned it to its home on the ocean floor.  She said to make sure you put it back down correctly because star fish cannot flip themselves back over, and their shell serves as their protection against predators.

A cute note is that later that particular star fish had moved 25 feet away.  If you know anything star fish, they move incredibly slowly, so, we joked and said that that star fish was running for its life to get away our friend.






The Facilities


We also saw a Manta Ray.  This creature had a six foot wing span, at least.  The two guys just grabbed their snorkel gear and jumped into the water, quickly swimming out to the dark shadow gliding in the water.

I know that a Manta Ray is completely harmless, but I still opted to stay on the beach and watch from afar.

The dark shape came closer and closer to shore.  Just a few feet from us, he broke the surface of the water and splashed one of his wings, as if to say “Hi”, and then faded out of view.

I was really glad of my decision to avoid being in the water with him.  Perhaps, next time, I will try to see him, but he was a little intimidating that day.



Crsytal Clear Water, Again


Maho Bay does have some facilities, but they are more what you expect when camping because there isn’t any running water.  It is definitely a beach we will return to, hopefully in the near future.

For the rest of the afternoon, we visited, swam, and soaked in the sun.  Then we loaded up the jeep again and headed home to St. Thomas.

I have to admit, I missed the kids.  Thank you to Mom and Dad for holding down the fort while we were living it up in St. John.


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