Apparently, the Food Fair during Carnival should NOT be missed.  Well, Jonathan and I don’t need extra prompting to eat local food, so, we headed downtown to see what all the fuss was about.

Okay, the traffic and crowds proved that this was the place to be.  Carnival is an interesting event.  The town of St. Thomas actually constructs structures to serve as “The Village” where the carnival rides are, like a Ferris wheel and other similar state fair rides.  Carnival is supposed to be a week long event, but seems to really start mid month and continue for several weeks.  I guess the best comparison would be a Mardi Gras celebration.

In the market square, they set up for food fair.  They have the familiar white temporary tents, as far as the eye can see,  housing wonderful local food such as Callaloo stew, pates (like a hot pocket, but better), salt water fish (a very popular dish, but definitely an acquired taste), and Johnny Cakes (like a sopapilla).





We did indulge and got a small guava berry tart to split.  She also gave us a block of that sweetness that looks like fudge.  That was good, but it tasted like pure sugar.  My dentist would not approve.



Choices Choices


We ordered three different plates from different vendors and picked a spot on the side where we could sit on the steps and devour our first ever Caribbean Food Fair choices.

We left pleasantly plump.  We look forward to next year to see what else we will get to try.



Find a seat anywhere you can.






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