Not a fancy studio


What do you do when you are a little tired of going to the beach every weekend?  You learn how to paint.  We had talked to the kids about the possibility of scooting the coffee table to the side and picking a subject to experiment with painting.

My kids have obviously painted at school and with loving family members, but I’m ashamed to say, that this was the first time they were going to paint with me.



Having Fun


We chose our subject, a view of Magen’s Bay and displayed it on the TV through the computer.  That way, it would be easier for all three of us to see it.

I choose which colors to place on our palettes (they were paper plates).  Then we choose our brushes, and I explained some general rules of oil painting.

Words are not enough to describe how fun it was to see the kids painting.  They would occasionally looked at mine to see which color I had picked.  A few times, each of them would ask, “Mommy, which color did you use for the water?  Or the beach?”



The Finished Project


I am not an expert by any means, but I told them that each painting is a learning tool.  They were both so happy with their finished products.  Joaquin painted quickly and therefore, produced two paintings.  It is not a easy task to take something that is flat (the canvas) and turn it into a three dimensional piece of artwork.

I know we will be doing this activity again.

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