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June 9th


So, what do you do when you walk out of a restaurant on June 9th, and you are walking to you car, and you see fireworks?  Well, the obvious thought is, “What?  For me?  You shouldn’t have!”  Then it makes you start to think, “What holiday is this?  What day is this?”


But what if you didn’t have those thoughts.  What if you didn’t have to explain why such a special event is happening?  What if people walked around and saw random fireworks or suddenly burst out into song and dance like on a musical?  Well, I think it would be a better place.  People need something to make them stop and see beauty.  People need to stop and smile.  People need to stop and DANCE!!!



The Butterfly Farm


We wanted to do something that didn’t involve sand.  So, of course, the butterfly farm was a perfect choice.  This is in Havensite, but it is a little off of the beaten path.  Because of multiple signs, we knew we were going in the right direction.




We had our yearly pass that was good for Coral World and for the butterfly farm.  This would be a low key afternoon.



Hey, Birdie!!


As soon as you step on the porch, you are surrounded by several exotic birds that they use to take pictures with the tourists.  Before I had time to read the sign that stated “Please No Pictures”, I had snapped this photo, which turns out to be illegal to do….oops!



Hey, Jonathan they like you.


You enter the net enclosure in the back of the location after hearing a few instructions like “Please be careful where you step because butterflies may be on the ground” and “Please make sure you don’t have any on you when you leave.”


That last statement rang so true with me.  Almost instantly, I was covered with four to five butterflies.  It was a very strange sensation.  I really wanted to have the same reaction I would with a huge spider on my leg, but I tried to tell myself that they were beautiful, gentle creatures.


NO, they like me!


I had to be constantly moving because if not, they would swarm me.  I had several others tourists taking pictures of my feet and legs.  Of course, it made for a good laugh for the family thinking of why they were so interested in me and not the rest of the onlookers.  I think it may have been my lotion!


Must be my lotion


It was calm, peaceful, and beautiful.  You could just stand there and watch them float along from one branch or flower or leg :) to the other.




Kicking myself for not bringing a sketch pad, we wandered along the dirt path glancing all around to see the butterflies and the gorgeous flowers.



What can I say?





As we walked and took in the vibrant colors, the delicate butterflies, and just the beautiful splendor, it made me think that God is an artist.  When you see such diverse vegetation or unique creatures, you can’t help being awed.


There were some butterflies that had different color patterns on their top and bottom to help them blend in with their surroundings from predators, whether they are being stalked from the sky above or from the ground below.


God is an artist.


I know we will definitely visit again, but until then, I think I can get some killer paintings out of these pictures!!


Don't get too comfy!





One of our favorite places to visit before picking up the kid from school is Mojo’s.  This little tiki bar is located at Havensite, conveniently where the cruise ships drop off all of their passengers.  Nestled amongst shops selling sun block, scuba gear, and T-shirts, you can smell the savory aromas as you are walking.



Swing Seats Sweet!!


Not only does this place have a fun atmosphere, but it has really good chicken that is grilled right there with jerk seasoning or BBQ.  You can sit and swing and visit with locals and tourists.  You can grab a couple of drinks and do some really great people watching as well.  Let your worries melt away with the sea breezes, cool tunes, and cold drinks.


Pina Colada Please


This is one of my favorite places because you meet so many different people there and hear their life stories, all at a little tiki bar in the Caribbean.  I don’t know about you, but that last line sounds like it belongs in a song.