One of our favorite places to visit before picking up the kid from school is Mojo’s.  This little tiki bar is located at Havensite, conveniently where the cruise ships drop off all of their passengers.  Nestled amongst shops selling sun block, scuba gear, and T-shirts, you can smell the savory aromas as you are walking.



Swing Seats Sweet!!


Not only does this place have a fun atmosphere, but it has really good chicken that is grilled right there with jerk seasoning or BBQ.  You can sit and swing and visit with locals and tourists.  You can grab a couple of drinks and do some really great people watching as well.  Let your worries melt away with the sea breezes, cool tunes, and cold drinks.


Pina Colada Please


This is one of my favorite places because you meet so many different people there and hear their life stories, all at a little tiki bar in the Caribbean.  I don’t know about you, but that last line sounds like it belongs in a song.



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